Let’s talk about this, shall we? I’m 16 years old. Since the age of about 13 when i would walk down the streets at midday by myself i would sometimes get honks from guys. At the time i’d think nothing of it. In fact it’s almost flattering right?

Then i got older and guys in my class started grabbing and slapping my ass, or making comment about my ‘tits’ and legs.

When i was in year 9 at school (about 14 years old) i was on the bus, in my school uniform and was pushed to my knee’s by a male while his friends circled me to make sure nobody saw. I punched him in the genitals and was suspended from my private school for doing so.

Nobody cared that i had been assaulted on a public bus. 

Then i grew older and inappropriate comments kept coming, but now it was from people i didn’t even know. I’d walk down the streets in jeans and get cat called at.

In summer, i’d wear shorts and would be called a slut and a whore. Again by strangers. Sometimes girls would be embarrassed to be seen with me, or ‘friends’ of mine wouldn’t to come near me because i was dressed like a ‘slut.’

Fun fact: I am a virgin. When i say no, i mean it. If the boy continues doing so- well, i grew up with two older brothers- and i know self defence. But i shouldn’t have to know self defence. I shouldn’t have to ward off unwanted attacks. I’m 16 years old and i have to deal with anxiety issues now whenever i have to leave my house. 

I go to a different school now, and i wear clothing that is not ‘slutty’ it is not ‘revealing’. The skirt i’ve been wearing is just above my knee’s. Most of the shirts i wear are singlets or tee’s. Yet when i walk by myself, boys will yell out ‘slut’ or ‘mmm i like those legs’ or girls will tell me to ‘put more clothes on’.

Today i decided this was going to change. I came to school dressed up in the most provocative clothing i owned. I revealed a lot of my skin and myself and wrote on both of my legs ‘STILL NOT ASKING FOR IT’. 

Why would i dress provocatively? I’m practically asking for it now aren’t i? No. I’m not. No matter what i wear, or who i’m with, or what i look like, there is literally no excuse for sexual harassment and sexual assault . I was told to take the writing off my legs by teachers, which i refused to do. Girls walked past me and told me i deserved to get raped or assaulted because of what i was wearing.

What has happened to respect? What has happened to culture and women? Why are girls so willing to disrespect themselves and their bodies just so a boy will look at them?

So tell me, what were you wearing when you got sexually harassed or assaulted? 

What were you doing at the time that warranted such behaviour to be directed towards you?

Tell me how i deserved it. Tell me it’s my fault. 

I’m only 16, i don’t want to have to deal with this for the rest of my life. I should not be scared of walking alone. I shouldn’t have to get warnings from my parents to not go out past dark. I shouldn’t have to be worried about going out and being called a slut or some one trying to grope me or comment on my appearance.

Because no matter what, i am not asking for it, and at the end of the day a no is a no. This doesn’t make me a tease or a slut. 

What boys do to you against your will is their call.

Their judgement, not your fault at all.

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